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Custom Cuddles, Your Way!

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    Looking for a Unique Personalised Children's Backpack?

    Introducing our Personalised Excavator Backpack - a unique and adorable accessory that is perfect for your little explorer! It has been designed with both fun and functionality in mind.

    Personalising this backpack with your child’s name, along with a whimsical design will come together to create a one-of-a-kind excavator backpack. This backpack is as plush and cuddly as it is practical and has been crafted with super soft 100% polyester material. 

    Make every outing an exciting adventure with our Personalised Plush Excavator Backpack. It is a delightful customised companion that will make your child’s day to day experiences extra special. 

    These Personalised Excavator Backpacks are hand crafted in Melbourne, Australia.


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