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Custom Cuddles, Your Way!

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    About Us

    Welcome to CJTOTS - Where personalisation meets quality and imagination!

    At CJTOTS, we are passionate about bringing smiles to children’s faces through our range of personalised soft toys and backpacks. We understand that every child is unique and we believe their toys and accessories should reflect their individuality. 

    Our Story:

    Our names are Jen and Lee, and we are the founders of CJTOTS, based in Melbourne, Australia. We are the parents of two young boys Cooper and Jordy, who have both had a total obsession with vehicles for as long as we can remember. We understand that a love for all things vehicle related is certainly not unique to our own children. This, along with the pure joy and happiness a child will feel when receiving their personalised plush products, is what inspired our idea.  

    CJTOTS was born to provide young children with happiness, lifelong memories, and experiences through plush customised vehicle toys and backpacks. 

    Our Mission:

    Our mission is simple, yet profound: to create delightful, personalised vehicle soft toys and backpacks that ignite imagination, promote self-expression and ensure hours of endless joy. We believe in the power of customisation, enabling children to see their names on their favourite toys and truly making them their own. 

    Why Choose CJTOTS:

    We understand that a child's connection to their toys and accessories is so special. We offer a range of personalisation options to create that special feeling. We provide friendly, quick and efficient service and product quality to match. 


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